Roger Stephens brings his experience from the corporate world to the Elronies cause and vision. His heart and compassion for people along with his ability to network and build relationships with sponsors, donors and clients allow Elronies to fulfill its mission and vision. He works closely with the Executive Director and CPA to ensure a healthy and financially sound operation. His work experience includes employment at Unisys Corporation and Christian Broadcast Network in various middle management positions. He received his Master’s Degree in Leadership Studies and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management as well as a Doctorate’s Degree in Theology.

1998  -  Seven years of working, facilitating, and assisting with various outreach, programs, homeless assistance, food drives.

2001 - Counseling young women and men regarding substance-abuse and various life situations.

2005 - 27 years of experience coordinating with different facilities such as nursing homes, schools, doctors' offices.

2011 - Robin Johnson advocacy and self-experience is recognized by the people she is trying to reach. El Ronies Transitional Housing is quickly being recognized as a humanitarian organization that is compassionate and caring.

Foundation History

Robin Johnson (Founder/Director)

" El Ronies Transitional Housing is born out of a God-given vision to help women that are in desperate need. It also emanates from my own personal experiences. I'm so fortunate be able to impact the lives of others, all the while partnering with some of the most passionate and driven organizations in the Hampton roads area. Homelessness is not a lifestyle. It's a situation that can happen to anybody. It does not have to be your address."

                                       Robin Johnson     

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